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Cali Pearl Fee Disclosure

We all need some sort of financial plan to achieve overall financial security. Cali Pearl believes our plans help our clients become financially knowledgeable, confident, and empowered when faced with financial and/or investment decisions. 

Cali Pearl offers financial plans for all of our clients. Financial plans may be:

  • Snapshot - a quick retirement forecast.
  • Goal-specific - detailed focus on one or two financial goals.
  • Comprehensive - required for those who have complex financial situations.

Financial planning fees are based on the time and effort required to provide our clients with a financial plan that is well-suited for their personal situation.

There is typically no charge for the first client meeting but based on the client’s expected results a fee may be necessary. Fees are based solely on services provided, either as a fixed quote or on an hourly basis at a minimum rate of $250 per hour.  Subsequent investment reviews and other services following an initial engagement will be negotiated at a fixed fee.  No compensation is received from any party as a result of possible referrals.

Fees for comprehensive financial plans are typically $2,000 and up, depending on complexity, skills required and responsibility involved. 

Second opinions and assistance in re-balancing portfolios are provided at a fixed hourly rate.